5 Columbus Midwives For Your Perfect Birth Experience

maternity photo shoot with mother against white wall draped in white tulle gown

The thing about parenthood is that no one does it exactly the same. From the very beginning, we’re all making decisions and trying to choose what’s best for us. While some people are more than happy to take a traditional approach to their pregnancy by working with an OBGYN, others want to have the ability to customize every step of their birth plan. If you fall into the latter category, the best thing you can do is find a midwife who will work with you to create your perfect experience. Here are the best Columbus midwives who will be there for your delivery. 

maternity photo shoot with mother against white wall draped in white tulle gown

You Will Love Building Your Dream Birth Team With These Incredible Columbus Midwives

C.H.O.I.C.E. Midwives

2586 Oakstone Dr, Columbus, Ohio 43231

For over 40 years, C.H.O.I.C.E. Midwives has been helping moms across the Columbus area. The center educates parents on their options and ensures they have the knowledge to have the birth they want. They primarily assist in home births but can be there for hospital births. With the second option, they will offer monetary care and will be your primary provider throughout your pregnancy before acting as a doula during your labor. 

Eliza Kay, Midwife

Eliza Kay is a home birth midwife who can provide you with appointments from the comfort of your own home or via virtual appointment. She believes that community is one of the most integral parts of parenthood and will be there to provide you with physical and emotional support through every step of the process. 

Ohio Birth Center

3530 Snouffer Road, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43235

Ohio Birth Center starts its services by learning everything about you. This way, its midwives can provide you with care that has been completely customized to your Columbus story. It accepts clients at every point in their pregnancy, including the third trimester. It has a free-standing birth center where you can go for a low-intervention delivery. 

Birthing Instinct

Birthing Instinct strives to help you have the traditional home birth that’s right for you. You will receive all your appointments within your Columbus house, and your midwives will work with you to educate you for your delivery. Her goal is for you to have all the information you need for your ideal delivery. Not only will she check on you physically throughout your pregnancy, but she will check on your emotional and mental well-being. 

Professionals for Women’s Health

921-B Jasonway Ave Ste B. Columbus, Ohio 43214

If you want a hospital birth but still want to work with a midwife, Professionals for Women’s Health might be the solution for you. The center offers both OB-GYNs and certified nurse midwives. Your provider will take a collaborative approach so you can have the very best information throughout your pregnancy and delivery. 

You Deserve The Best From These Wonderful Columbus Midwives

With these Columbus midwives, you can have the birth experience that’s right for you. Check them out today so you can have exceptional prenatal care! 

While you’re creating your birth plan, make sure you’re thinking about pictures! I’m a Columbus mom, and I adore working with parents to remember every wonderful second. I would love to have a conversation and tell you all about my process so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today so we can chat! 

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