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birthing suite view with queen bed and tub at ohio birthing center

When you’re looking for a place for your delivery, there’s a good chance you want a spot where you can remain in control. Birth is often a pretty unpredictable event, and it can be a traumatic experience if your voice is ignored. While home births give you the ability to create your perfect atmosphere, they’re simply not an option for everyone. If you are looking for an out-of-hospital space that will prioritize your birth plan, I would love to tell you about Ohio Birth Center. This incredible spot is dedicated to ensuring you have the birth experience you’ve always wanted. 

birthing suite view with queen bed and tub at ohio birthing center

About Ohio Birth Center

3530 Snouffer Road, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio 43235

Ohio Birth Center was created to be a space that cares for you from the moment you find out you’re expecting. This freestanding birth center will pair you with providers who will care for you both emotionally and physically. There are midwives, educators, and an MD who will ensure you receive exceptional, comprehensive care. The center itself is gorgeous, with spacious rooms decorated with modern designs. You can come by for your prenatal care, childbirth classes, delivery, and even well-woman care for every other stage of life. 


Ohio Birth Center uses a patient-based approach for their care. During your first appointment, your midwife will spend some time getting to know you. They will find out your health history and your expectations for delivery. You can also choose to tour the birth center during this time. Every appointment after this will help you prepare for your delivery. They will monitor your health and your baby’s growth. They can also do all lab work and ultrasounds within the clinic. 

Once those contractions start, it’s time to head in! You will be placed in a private birth suite where you can move around, snack, and do whatever else gets you through labor. Your birth workers will be by your side, making sure your birth plan is prioritized. They have birthing tubs you can utilize as needed. Once your baby is born, you’ll remain for a few hours so they can check on your recovery before you’re sent on your way to recuperate at home. 


Once your baby is born, your Ohio Birth Center care doesn’t end. You’ll have several postpartum visits within the first week of your baby’s birth. They will also schedule a visit for your 2nd and 6th week postpartum. 

Their well-woman care will ensure you’re always feeling your best. They offer screenings, tests, contraception guidance, wellness checks, menstrual help, and much more.

Interview with Ohio Birthing Center

I was able to ask a few questions to Cole Ramsey the outreach and education coordinator who gave me a tour of the center.

  • How do you support mothers and babies in a unique way?
    • “We provide a homelike setting that provides holistic family centered care that is evidence informed, trauma informed, and inclusive to all.  We provide a wellness model continuous supportive care and interventions used only when medically necessary.”
  • To prepare for labor what do you feel is the most important tip you could give a new mother or family?
    • “Learn how to go with the flow: pregnancy, birth and parenting are full of things we don’t have control over.  We can have desires and we should and need to surround ourselves with supportive people. But we ultimately don’t have control and learning to go with the flow is an asset.”
  • To prepare for bringing a new baby home and caring fo the postpartum time what is the most important tip you could give moms/families?
    • “Create a care web. Care webs are networks of supportive people who know how to show up and care for us!” 

You Will Love Welcoming Your New Little One At Ohio Birth Center

If you are searching for a center that will prioritize your voice throughout labor, you need to check out Ohio Birth Center! This mindful space will ensure you have whole-person care throughout your entire pregnancy and delivery. 

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