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maternity photo shoot in the spring infront of cherry blossom tree.

Throughout pregnancy and delivery, we put a lot of pressure on our bodies, so it’s no surprise that we’re still experiencing uncomfortable symptoms after our baby arrives. One of the most common symptoms in the postpartum stage is a weakened pelvic floor. Not only can it be downright painful, but it can also lead to embarrassing leaks. Luckily, there are experts ready to ensure you can take back your pelvic floor health! Here are the best places to book pelvic floor therapy in Columbus, Ohio.

maternity photo shoot in the spring infront of cherry blossom tree.

Rebuild Your Strength After Delivery With Some Pelvic Floor Therapy In Columbus, Ohio

614 Pelvic Floor

3520 N High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214

614 Pelvic Floor has Columbus, Ohio, therapy locations inside the Clintonville Give Yoga Studio as well as the Westerville Northside Women’s Health OB-GYN. They can also offer virtual visits. The primary practitioner, Alexis Meister, takes a whole-person approach. She will help you discover your goals and create a realistic routine that will bring you results. 

Anchor Pelvic Health & Wellness

6754 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43231

Anchor Pelvic Health & Wellness is a therapy practice in Columbus, Ohio, opened by Lindsay Dorka, an occupational therapist who specializes in helping women restore their pelvic floors. She offers both in-person and virtual pelvic floor physical therapy for people within the state and a 3-month virtual pelvic health coaching plan for people worldwide. 

Fitness Matters

7710 Olentangy Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43235

Fitness Matters offers four area locations where you can receive personalized care. The pelvic floor center assists with issues that can occur during pregnancy and the postpartum phase. They treat pelvic pain, incontinence, constipation, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis. All appointments are private and treated with the proper discretion. 

The Educated Pelvis

3246 W. Henderson Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43220

The Educated Pelvis was started by Dr. Sam Parkhurst, a Columbus, Ohio, physical therapist who is passionate about normalizing the discussion around pelvic floor health. She treats people through every stage of life, including pregnancy and the fourth trimester, and provides pediatric assistance. 

Pelvic Floor & More

2130 Arlington Avenue, Second Floor, Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221

Pelvic Floor & More was founded by Sarah Highland, an experienced pelvic floor therapist and sex counselor. Sarah offers affirming care to every patient and will ensure you have a plan that’s best for your needs. She uses a trauma-informed approach and allows you to bring a support person or pet if you’d prefer. 

Misama Wellness

609 Oakland Park Ave, Suite C, Columbus, Ohio 43214

At Misama Wellness, they take a whole-body approach to your care. They’re not only interested in treating your symptoms, but they also look at how your pelvic floor interacts with the full body. This way, they can have a comprehensive view that gives you results. 

You Deserve To Feel Like Yourself Again With Some Pelvic Floor Therapy In Columbus, Ohio

Pregnancy and labor can lead to uncomfortable symptoms, but with the right person, you don’t have to put up with them. These Columbus, Ohio, pelvic floor therapy specialists will ensure you have a rehabilitation plan that works for you! 

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