5 Expert Pediatric Chiropractors in Columbus, Ohio For Your Child

newborn baby girl sitting on her parents bed swaddled in pink swaddle with bow

A happy childhood often comes with lots of bumps and bruises along the way. Kids can’t help it! They’re natural explorers, always on the search for the next adventure. Even everyday activities such as tripping or playing a game of soccer can leave their bodies feeling misaligned. One of the best ways you can ensure they always feel their best is through working with a pediatric chiropractor. These professionals can help your child with everything from sleep issues to birth trauma. So here are the best pediatric chiropractors in Columbus, Ohio

newborn baby girl sitting on her parents bed swaddled in pink swaddle with bow

Help Your Family Feel Right With These Pediatric Chiropractors In Columbus, Ohio

Restore Family Chiropractic

175 E Campus View Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43235

Restore Family Chiropractic provides phenomenal care for people of all ages. Plus, they offer regular specials that will let you try out their services with little damage to your wallet. They provide pediatric care for Columbus, Ohio, children starting in the newborn stage and will start out with an assessment to create a personalized course of treatment. 

Flourish Chiropractic

6677 Dublin Center Dr. Dublin, Ohio 43017

Flourish Chiropractic is an office that provides specialty appointments for everything from car accidents to preventative care. They will treat infants and children in Columbus, Ohio, using a gentle pediatric approach. The team will also go out of their way to ensure your child feels welcomed through every part of their visit. Along the way, they’ll chat with you and provide you with advice on how to keep your child feeling their best. 

Rise Chiropractic & Nutrition

6554 Longshore Street, Dublin, Ohio 43017

Rise Chiropractic & Nutrition offers a cozy space where every member of the family can receive exceptional care. The waiting room is stocked with books and toys so your child can stay entertained throughout their entire visit. Their visits are designed to support your child’s development and ensure they can consistently feel happy and healthy. 

Atone Chiropractic

8922 Lyra Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43240

Dr. Joseph Benne, a neurologically-based chiropractor, opened Atone Chiropractic. His team’s goal is to provide your Columbus, Ohio, family with a warm and friendly space where you can receive pediatric care. The center treats kids from infancy through the teen years. They can help with chronic health conditions, misalignments, and birth trauma. 

inThrive Chiropractic

8657 Sancus Blvd, Columbus, Ohio 43240

Founded by Dr. Randy Wurts, inThrive Chiropractic provides you with holistic care throughout every stage of life. Countless parents have seen the center’s services drastically improve their children’s quality of life. From helping with anxiety to treating chronic conditions, the office will ensure your child will leave the office pain-free. They keep the visits light and playful so your child will feel right at home. 

If Your Family Doesn’t Feel Their Best, Then Check Out These Wonderful Pediatric Chiropractors In Columbus, Ohio

Through visiting pediatric chiropractors in Columbus, Ohio, your child can have a natural way to feel their best. Check out these practices today so you can find the right one for your family! 

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