3 Studios With Prenatal Yoga in Columbus, Ohio During Pregnancy!

maternity yoga pose in columbus prenata yoga with belly and mom twisting to knee in black and white

maternity yoga pose in columbus prenata yoga with belly and mom twisting to knee in black and whiteLet’s be honest. The idea of doing yoga becomes a lot less appealing when even putting on your shoes becomes too big of a chore. Pregnancy keeps your body working overtime, resulting in lots of aches, pains, and the general feeling of mehhh. And while yoga might seem exhausting, it will go a long way in relieving many of the symptoms. Plus, you’ll build strength and flexibility, which can result in a shorter labor and recovery period. As a Columbus maternity photographer and mom, I get to connect with so many lovely, expectant mamas out there! Here are some of their favorite spots to sign up for prenatal yoga In Columbus, Ohio

Build Your Strength And Flexibility For Childbirth With Some Prenatal Yoga In Columbus, Ohio

Green Living & Wellness

3246 Henderson Road, Columbus, Ohio 43220

Green Living & Wellness is dedicated to making pregnancy and early parenthood a little more pleasant! This center offers lactation consultants as well as infant feeding services, including classes that are all about getting your baby started on solids. The center offers engaging online courses you can manage from the comfort of your living room. The classes were created specifically for pregnant and postpartum parents. You will focus on building mindfulness as you reduce stress, improve your strength, and regain the coordination that you might have lost in the past few months. These courses are available in both a private and group format. 


3520 N High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214

GIVE Yoga is a community-centered space dedicated to making yoga accessible to all. The instructors know from experience how big of a difference yoga can make in the lives of those who practice it. It’s an inclusive space made for every body through any step of their personal yoga journey. The center offers courses you can enjoy long after pregnancy with their hot or hatha yoga classes. Their prenatal yoga classes last for 90 minutes and take place over a period of 6 weeks. The sessions have built-in time for you to gather around and chat about your current experiences, giving you the ideal way to connect with other new parents in the area. You will also complete guided meditations and learn breathing techniques to help you through labor. 

Danja Yoga

1125 Oak Street, Columbus, Ohio 43205

Danja Yoga is committed to teaching you yoga that can benefit you every day of your life. Their motto remains, “Do more of what makes you happy.” So, the classes show you how to find joy in your practice. Their prenatal yoga series takes place over six weeks and lasts for 75 minutes. You will learn how to find comfort in your pregnancy as you strengthen your abdominal walls and pelvic floor for your delivery. You will pay a one-time fee and receive a discount when you sign up for a membership.

Fall In Love With The Feeling After A Session Of Prenatal Yoga In Columbus, Ohio

Your pregnancy is a way to celebrate your body and all it does! With these studios offering prenatal yoga in Columbus, Ohio, you can honor its work while treating it with some TLC. And if you need another way to celebrate, I would love to connect! As a maternity photographer, I adore partnering with parents and making sure they have gorgeous memories of this time. I would love to talk and tell you about my portrait sessions so you can decide if I’m the one for you. Let’s chat soon!

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